***UPDATE 1 (Saturday, May 27 at 8 PM EST): We are so grateful that the campaign has gone viral, raising $1,000 every 5 minutes. We hit our initial goal of $60,000 in only 5 hours – the goal is now $90,000. Let’s respond to hate with love and show the victims’ families how much their heroism means to us. 
***UPDATE 2 (Saturday, May 27 at 10 PM EST): The campaign has not slowed down , still raising $1,000 every 5 minutes. We hit our second target of $100,000 in  only 8 hours – the goal is now $150,000.
Two men were stabbed to death and another man severely injured Friday on a light-rail train in Portland, Oregon after intervening when a passenger began “ranting and raving”, shouting anti-Muslim slurs at two young women, police said. – Washington Post 
These heroes were trying to defend the two Muslim women from being harassed and became victims themselves …