HOWELL — A starving, bleeding dog found at a New Jersey truck stop will be reunited with her family two years after someone snatched her from her a Long Island home and may have used her to transport drugs.
Brittney DiBartolo had finished putting food on the grill at her Mastic Beach, New York home in May 2015 when one of her dogs began barking in the yard.
She and her family lived on a corner lot. Her hound, Dallas, had been on a chain. Cali, her Rhodesian ridgeback mix, was free in the yard.
“He (Dallas) kept barking,” DiBartolo said. “I didn’t understand what he was barking at but he’s a big hound so he’s got that dark howl, like a houndish-type bark.”
She brought him inside, but didn’t realize Cali hadn’t come too. It wasn’t until Dallas began barking again that DiBartolo noticed Cali was nowhere to be found.
She called out Cali’s name. …