A town in New Zealand has created the first penguin underpass in the country to help a colony of the birds cross a busy road that lies between the sea and their nests.
Little blue penguins, or Kororas, are the world’s smallest penguins and in the New Zealand town of Oamaru they have been forced to cross a busy road in the harbour to get from the sea to their nests after sunset in order to feed their chicks.
Dr Philippa Agnew, a Blue Penguin Colony research scientist, told the Timaru Herald: “At the boat ramp each evening during the summer, the penguins face crowds of people trying to get close to them and also traffic trying to use the same road – an unfortunate reality of urban living.” 
Not only did the lights from the cars often blind the penguins when crossing it, but the penguins themselves are something of a tourist …