(Picture: Facebook/ This is Christian Iraq) Muslim youth volunteers help repair Catholic monastery attacked by ISIS in Mosul

A church in a district once terrorised by so-called Islamic State has been restored with the help of Muslim neighbours.
Local residents were horrified after reports claimed Christians were still facing abuse.
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Volunteers wanted to help rebuild the church to show that Iraq welcomes both Christians and Muslims.
They said they wanted to show that ‘Mosul is yours as it’s ours’ and ‘our differences are our strength’.
Iraq has one of the smallest, but oldest, Christian communities in the world but Isis oversaw the destruction of Iraqi churches, books and Christian spaces during their occupation of the city.
Mosul is set to be liberated completely by the end of next month, after two years of Islamist domination.
One of the areas occupied was al-Arabi in Mosul, where the Mar Georges monastery is located.
During the Isis occupation the Chaldean church, which is an Iraqi church in full communion with the …