Micah Miner has found happiness on the trampoline — and success, as he heads to nationals for the third time.
Micah, 9, has just finished fourth grade at Woodland Elementary School in Edwardsville. Micah has pervasive developmental disorder on the autism spectrum, and he is part of District 7’s “Castle” program that is designed to help children who have autism develop relationships with children outside the special-needs curriculum. Micah has some classes entirely in special education and other classes where he is part of the traditional curriculum.
This was a big priority for Micah’s parents, Maurice and Kimberley Miner.
“If you’re taking special needs kids with Asperger’s and autism and putting them in one class by themselves, all they ever learn is their behaviors and tics,” Maurice said. “If they put them in the mainstream, they learn what society terms to be acceptable behaviors.”
But it’s in the gymnasium where Micah has really begun …