Over the weekend, Jeff Lew received an email notification that someone named “John Stephens” had donated to Lew’s GoFundMe campaign created to cover Seattle students’ school-meal debts.
The amount: $5,000.
Lew was floored. But who was this “John Stephens”? A Google search result came up with the birth name of a man better known as Grammy-winning singer and songwriter John Legend.
The $5,000 donation is the largest amount contributed by a single donor to the campaign, which Lew created less than three weeks ago to cover the roughly $21,000 owed by students in Seattle’s 99 schools. As of Monday morning the campaign has raised $36,000.
Lew was skeptical, but he knew the student-meal debt story had been featured on national media, where a celebrity like John Legend could have seen it. Legend doesn’t have any ties to the area, but his wife, model Chrissy Teigen, grew up in Snohomish. He’ll also be performing at Chateau …