May 31st, 2017 by Joshua S Hill 
The US Energy Information Administration this week published figures which showed that renewable energy sources accounted for 19.35% of US electricity in the first quarter, which is well in advance of the Administration’s own predictions for renewable energy.
Ken Bossong of the SUN DAY Campaign sent out an email this week highlighting the latest figures from the US Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) latest Electric Power Monthly. The new report publishes figures for the quarter just passed and revealed that renewable energy sources accounted for 19.35% of net US electrical generation during the first quarter of this year. Conventional hydropower accounted for 8.67% of all US electricity generation, followed by wind power with 7.10%. Biomass (1.64%), solar (1.47%), and geothermal (0.47%) also did their part.
While this is a relatively impressive figure for a country which we know is struggling to secure a safe transition to a low-carbon economy, …