In Williston, Vermont, a homeless man who had been living close to an interstate highway, in the woods, witnessed a terrible accident and immediately came into action to save the life of the man driving behind the wheel.
Truck driver Paul Bristol, suffered on May 4 a serious and sudden heart attack, causing him “bunny hopping” some 300 feet along the guardrail after he veered into the left lane, the Burlington Free Press reports.
Living right off the highway for the past couple months, James Pocock remembers as the truck hits the guardrail a cloud of concrete dust. He immediately ran to the scene and found 68-year-old Bristol, without a pulse and breathless – so he began cardiopulmonary resuscitation, an emergency procedure.
Bristol received six stents in blocked arteries after miraculously surviving and was able to travel from his homestate New Hampshire, to attend on Wednesday an award ceremony for the man who saved …