Not all superheroes are created on the pages of comic books.
Some are born in the neonatal ward of the Jewish General Hospital, where the tiniest of human life forms precariously cling to life in incubators while doctors and nurses hover about.
It’s also where the unlikeliest of superheroes are born, wee ones like Benjamin Korres, who was born eight weeks premature to first-time parents Michelle Campbell and Chris Korres of Pointe-Claire.
Benjamin weighed a mere four pounds, six ounces at birth, so he did not go home as planned with Mom and Dad after his March 10 birthday.
He spent about three weeks in the hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) before he was deemed healthy enough to leave.
But Campbell will never forget what she saw during a visit to the hospital that moved her to tears. 
“We were coming to visit Benjamin and hanging by his incubator on an IV pole we saw …