Volunteer gardeners in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce have a dream — to see the city “dripping with food.”
After four years of planting vegetables and herbs in sidewalk gardens on Sherbrooke St. W. and Monkland Ave., the people behind the Incredible Edibles project hope to get closer to that dream this summer by expanding their gardens throughout the neighbourhood.
The five sidewalk gardens on the bustling N.D.G. arteries allow residents to harvest peas, basil, calendula, arugula and chives whenever they want. The food is free, planted and tended by volunteers.
More donations are rolling in for the program, hosted by Transition N.D.G. Organizers intend to add planters on Somerled Ave. and expand to streets like Terrebonne St. and Wilson Ave. 
“People are getting together, engaging in collective activities not for any one person to benefit, but to improve community life as a whole,” said Satoshi Ikeda on Saturday morning after planting bush beans, oregano and tomatoes in front of the …