24 hours after we introduced you to an amazing Craigslist ad about a couple of guys looking for a BBQ dad for their end of the school year party, the story has gone viral.  
Dane Anderson, the mastermind behind the ad says there’s been a lot of dads, a few grandpa’s and even aunts reaching out about the ad.
Dane says even though they’ve been grilling up a viral storm, that’s not what matters most. “We had one guy from Good Morning America just reach out to us, like we think that’s nice but we are just really hoping for more dads,” said Dane.
They’ve also added another father figure to the list that they look up to. “We were actually all talking last night and we are deciding that Bill Murray would be the best so we’re holding out,” said Dane.
But Dane says don’t let the want for Bill Murray stop …