THUNDER BAY – A man who has next to nothing has given away nearly everything to help some of the most vulnerable people in the community.
A client of the Thunder Bay Shelter House recently donated $10,000 to Street Outreach Services program.
“He wanted to help out in any way he can to make sure his friends were safe and he was just incredibly proud that he is in a position that he can help, too,” said Alexandra Calderon, development officer with the Thunder Bay Shelter House.
The man received the money as part of his residential school settlement and would like to remain anonymous.
According to Calderon, the man heard of Matawa’s First Nations Tribal Council donating $10,000 toward the program and Matawa CEO David Paul Achneepineskum’s call on the community to step up and help save the program.
Calderon said staff at Shelter House tried to return the cheque, knowing how much the man …