Becky Jo, the 4-year-old Australian shepherd-border collie mix the couple rescued as a puppy, received a year’s worth of pet food, $5,000 and a gold medal to signify her heroism after she was inducted into the 2017 Purina Animal Hall of Fame that spotlights pets in for courage and life-saving acts.
“He realized, ‘I need to follow her,’ which he thought was really odd,” she explained. “Sure enough, she led him to exactly where I was, and where I ended up landing would have been somewhere he wouldn’t have been able to look because it wasn’t on the regular riding path.”
When Butch arrived, his wife was completely scalped. Doctors later said she had suffered a major concussion, shattered a bone in her eye, and fractured her skull. She would have likely bled out within 5 or 10 minutes if the air ambulance hadn’t arrived when it did.