WATCH ABOVE: 21-year-old Godfrey Coutto held the hand of another man with special needs simply to comfort him during a bus ride and as Angie Seth reports, the simple gesture is the all the rage on social media.
When 21-year-old Godfrey Coutto got on the bus in Hamilton Tuesday afternoon, he was expecting it to be another uneventful ride back home from downtown.
But as soon as he boarded the crowded 10 B-Line Express bus, a man named Robert walked up to him and shook his hand and didn’t let go.
“I was like, ‘Yo, what’s going on? Am I getting pranked or something?” I wasn’t. I looked at him [and realized] he’s special needs,” Coutto said.
According to Robert’s family, the middle-aged man has cerebral palsy and is deaf.
During the 30-minute bus ride to Coutto’s stop, Robert wrapped his arm around the McMaster University sociology student, gave him props and kissed his hands.
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