A Spanish man tried to defend a woman who was being stabbed by one of the London Bridge attackers with his skateboard.
Ignacio Echeverría, 39, saw the attack unfolding at London Bridge on Saturday night, and rushed to help the woman.
But there is growing concern for Mr Echeverria, who has not been seen since.
The HSBC employee, from Madrid, is one of a number of people who put their personal safety at risk in order to help others during the attack, which left seven people dead and 48 injured.
According to his father, friends “saw him lying on the floor on the sidewalk after defending someone with his skateboard”.
He is reportedly not listed among the dead, not all of whom have been named by police.
An off-duty policeman – an amateur rugby player – was stabbed after tackling one of the three attackers. He remains in critical condition.
Met Police …