Manchester nurses, some of whom are still treating patients of the atrocity at an Ariana Grande concert two weeks ago, have shown solidarity with their London counterparts by sending them pizza.
NHS staff have been working round the clock to treat those injured in the London terror attack.
Many were off-duty and came in on their night off to help, having stayed sober on Saturday night, as they do most Saturdays, in case of a terror attack.
Fourteen people are still reportedly being treated there, with some in a critical condition after the attack.
Staff at the Manchester Royal Infirmary sympathise with Kings College Hospital, as they cared for the victims of the Arena nail bomb blast.
Kings College NHS tweeted: “Thanks to our friends at @CMFTNHS for this kind gesture – staff in @TeamKingsED are very grateful!  #NHSfriends #NHS @NHSMillion”
The staff were sent seven Domino’s pizzas and four Pizza GoGo pizzas.
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