ALVORD, Texas – While he walked his daughter to her final day of school, a Texas father held back tears as memories overwhelmed him.
Jason Gayler of Alvord, Texas, was going through old pictures when he found one of him walking his daughter, Brittany, to school on her first day of kindergarten. She was just 5 years old.
Now, 13 years later, Jason and Brittany recreated that moment, walking to school together on her last day as a senior at Alvord High School.
Brittany called it a “bittersweet” moment that she’ll “remember forever.” She posted a side-by-side comparison of the photos on May 25. So far, it’s gotten nearly 14,000 retweets and more than 61,000 likes on Twitter.
“When I posted the tweet and going back and forth through the pictures, it just amazes me how fast it goes by. It feels like yesterday that we were taking that first picture,” Brittany told Today.
Her …