Fathers with a calm demeanour who actively engage with their babies can have a positive impact on their offspring’s intelligence, according to new research.
In this day and age, the role a father plays in raising kids extends far beyond bringing home the bacon or being a compelling figure of discipline. 
Instead, they’re expected to do their part and this new study proves that more father-child interaction could actually boost a child’s abilities later in life.
“The clear message for new fathers here is to get stuck in and play with your baby,” said study author Professor Paul Ramchandani, of Imperial College London.
“Even when they’re really young playing and interacting with them can have a positive effect.”
More than a year after analysing how 128 fathers interacted with their three-month-old babies, researchers measured the infant’s cognitive development.
They also recorded videos of the dads playing with their children without toys and watched families during book-reading sessions …