Tiana Knight, a blind student who is graduating from the Faculty of Law, is joined by her good friend and fellow Law gradate Sarah Patrick, and Tiana’s guide dog Cashmere.

Tiana Knight was five years old, gingerly testing the bark of a tree branch to determine if it would hold her weight. She’d already scrambled almost six metres (20 feet) up behind her older brother Everett, who was perched above and waiting.
She was blind. So what. He was watching the park behind the backyard of their parents’ southwest Calgary home, and there was no way she was going to let him hog the top spot.
“Perseverance has been part of my whole life,” says Knight, 25, who has made a habit of letting nothing stand in her way when she’s set her mind to accomplishing a goal. “I’m pretty competitive, too, so I’m used to testing myself and overcoming obstacles.”
Just as she reached the upper limits of the tree by putting one hand over the other, feeling the best way forward, so has she gained her law degree, which UCalgary awarded …