On Monday Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signed Senate Bill 17 into law. This new bill allows patients suffering from PTSD to receive a doctor’s OK to use medical marijuana to treat their symptoms.
Colorado doctors could begin recommending medical marijuana for treatment of PTSD in as soon as a week.
PTSD is the first new qualifying condition since 2001 when the state’s medical marijuana law was implemented. The eight other qualifying conditions are cancer, HIV or AIDS, glaucoma, cachexia, seizures, persistent muscle spasms, severe nausea, and severe pain.
Veteran groups have been battling to get PTSD approved as a qualifying condition for many years, but not without opposition. Due to concerns regarding the amount of adequate research on the health benefits and impediments of using medical marijuana to treat PTSD, many members of Colorado’s medical and psychiatric communities have expressed apprehension.
Most of this concern is directed towards children under the age of 18 diagnosed with PTSD. To combat these …