KENNESAW, Ga. – Morgan Rath walked across the stage with her best friend and companion, Paisley, by her side—a place she never thought she would find herself without her.
Rath’s depression and anxiety debilitated her in a way that made schoolwork at Kennesaw Mountain High School nearly impossible. She was missing multiple classes due to her four to five panic attacks that she was experiencing on a weekly basis. And graduation… that seemed like a mountain she would never come close to overcoming.
“Starting freshman year, I suffered with severe anxiety and depression. I ended up in the hospital sophomore year,” Rath said.
Until Paisley.
After struggling to stay in school, the high school junior’s life was about to change.
Rath spotted Paisley, a stray dog, while driving over a bridge in Emerson, Ga. She looked for her owner for more than a week and called several local organizations and veterinarians, but to no avail.
Rath had …