Katie the service dog in yearbook (Courtesy North Summit High School)

Almost all high school students flip eagerly through their yearbooks to find their photos, but for Coalville, Utah’s Hailee Blonquist, this year’s class lineup revealed a delightful surprise: The “student” pictured next to her was her golden retriever, Katie, a service dog that has come to school with her every day for the past two years.
“I thought they might stick a picture of her somewhere in the yearbook, but to see her right next to me as ‘Katie Blonquist’ was pretty cool,” Hailee, 17, a junior at North Summit High School, tells PEOPLE. “Everyone loves Katie. She’s always been by my side.”
Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in December 2014, Hailee ended up in hospital emergency rooms several times following dangerous drops or spikes in her blood sugar levels.
“For the first year after she was diagnosed, it was a rough go,” says her mother, Destinie Blonquist, an elementary school technology teacher. …