Lunch is served. For just one buck. Surprised? Have we gone back to the days of when a horse cost as much as a piece of bread does today? No, we’re still talking about the present.
A Bangladeshi organization named Bidyanondo has launched an initiative that seeks to distribute food to the underprivileged children of Dhaka and other areas for just one Bangladeshi taka (0.013 US dollars). The initiative began six months ago in May, and it is taking place in five districts including Dhaka. The organisation says that 121,000 children and elderly people have been fed as of September 22, 2016, and the plan is to distribute food to at least 300 underprivileged children a night.
Bidyanondo is mainly a volunteer educational institute for the underprivileged. The institute has five branches all over the country with more than 750 underprivileged children studying at its schools. The principal mind behind the one-taka meal venture is Kishor Kumar …