MIAMI – Two Miami-Dade County public high schools received a big donation Wednesday in memory of King Carter, 6, who was killed last year in a shooting.
“We will never forget that day, but we must always remember the memory of King Carter, and what better way than connecting King Carter’s name to schools in our neighborhood,” Miami-Dade County Public Schools superintendent Alberto Carvalho said. 
The anonymous $1 million donation by a Miami woman is one of the largest donations in Miami-Dade County Public Schools history.
The generous gift was made in hopes of saving the lives of teenagers in memory of the young boy.
“She said, ‘Alberto, I want to make what will probably be the single biggest investment into an educational program in the Liberty City area,'” Carvalho said. “It’s great to give an opportunity to dozens and dozens of students, not two or three years down the line, but beginning in August …