While many Wake County students waited anxiously to find out where they would be accepted to college, Megan Faircloth didn’t know where she would sleep at night.
For most of her junior year and the start of her senior year, Faircloth and her family were homeless.
“At one point, we were in a homeless shelter and then we were staying with relatives a little while, and then we lived in our car,” said Faircloth, 17.
On Monday, Faircloth will graduate at the top of her class from East Wake High School, with a 5.25 GPA. This fall, she will attend Stanford University, where she plans to major in English and minor in education.
Few people at East Wake knew about Faircloth’s experience until she shared her story during a senior awards banquet Friday. She said it felt good to talk about what she had been through.
Faircloth’s family was evicted …