Scientists have revolutionized the treatment of cancer by genetically engineering the cells in the body’s immune system. Genetically engineering T cells to produce a Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) is a breakthrough form of treatment that has resulted in a complete remission for 73% of patients in a , clinical trial earlier published yesterday. One study, published in April 2017, had a response rate of 82%! These are just 2 of the many studies (see below). In 5 steps, I explain how CAR-T scientists achieve these remarkable feats.
Source: Kite Pharmaceuticals
T cells are harvested from patient’s blood via leukapheresis, a process that results in the enrichment of White Blood Cells. The rest of the blood is returned back into the body.
Source: Kite Pharmaceuticals
T cells are isolated, from WBCs, by the use of magnetic beads. These beads are coated with proteins that bind to cell surface markers like CD3, which are only present on T cells. After the …