CHICAGO — An Indiana woman’s good deed after a Chicago Cubs game is going viral.
Over the weekend, 26-year-old Casey Spelman explored Wrigleyville for the first time with some friends, but the highlight of her trip was actually when she met a stranger, according to WXIN.
“I just said ‘hi are you trying to get a cab’ and he said ‘yes’ and I said ‘would you like some help’ and he said ‘that’d be great,’” Casey Spelman told WXIN.
Spelman could see the man had been waiting for a while and he needed help not only because the streets were packed right after the Cubs game, but also because the man was blind.
“People were in front of him so I thought it might help him a little bit if he stepped in a little further,” said Spelman.
As Spelman took the man’s hand and hailed a cab for him, someone else took a few pictures.
“I’m …