A north Alabama grassroots organization is seeking to pressure Madison County officials to defy a new state law and remove a Civil War statue from the courthouse grounds in downtown Huntsville.
Under the bill signed into law last month by Gov. Kay Ivey, entities that remove historical statues or memorials without permission face a fine of $25,000.
So the Tennessee Valley Progressive Alliance is seeking to raise the money to cover the fine that would be incurred by the Madison County Commission for removing the statue.
“We read the fine print of the law and the law just says the state will fine localities up to $25,000 for removing monuments,” said David Odom, organizer for the alliance. “And we said, ‘Well, shoot, we ought to be able to put that together. Let’s just see what happens – what do we have to lose?’
“We thought crowdfunding might be an option.”
The group started a GoFundMe …