Altoona, Blair County, Pa. – When you head out to the local shelter to adopt a pet, you usually come home with a four legged friend.
One shelter jumped into action when a puppy was born with only three little paws.
This special puppy will soon be walking on all 4 paws. He has his own custom made prosthetic paw created by folks here in the community.
Meet 12 week-old Chance, a boxer pitbull mix, with a special walk all his own.
He was adopted and brought home Monday. 
“We seen this little guy on Friday and how could you just say no to this little face,” said owner Missy McCloskey. “The little guys with one paw, he needs super, super love.”
What Missy didn’t know about Chance was that the Central PA Humane Society had a plan for Chance’s missing paw. They called local maker space Catalyst Space.
“Hey we have this puppy who’s missing a …