A young girl was saved from a burning home 19 years ago by a cop. She reunites with her guardian angel 19 years later at her college graduation.
Josibelk Aponte was a 5-year-old girl when she was almost killed in a fire at her family’s home in Hartford, Connecticut, on June 25, 1998. Fortunately, a police detective, Peter Getz, rushed to the scene and saved her with CPR after a firefighter pulled her out of the building.
19 years later, Josibelk has graduated from Eastern Connecticut State University and wanted to share this important occasion with him.
“There are only a few moments that are so important in life. I wanted to share my graduation with everyone who’s important to me, who have been there for me, and who helped me through tough times,” she said in an interview with Hartford Courant.
“I almost died, but I was given a second chance at life, …