TAHLEQUAH — A teenage boy excitedly plopped a box of horse-grooming tools in the grass and announced, “Here’s the stuff we need to take care of their hooves,” before dropping to his knees and holding out a carrot for Kiss-Me Katie, one of three miniature horses donated to the Cherokee Nation.
Thursday morning marked a special day for the Cherokee Nation. A woman from Missouri donated three miniature horses for equine therapy for children in the Indian Child Welfare system and teens at the Jack Brown Adolescent Treatment Center in Tahlequah.
After Barbara Watters arrived with the three little horses in the back of a van, Cherokee Nation employees from the executive director of Indian Health Services to child welfare specialists helped unload them, then lead them to rest under a shady tree to get to know everyone better.
Watters made the trek from Missouri to make the donation because she believes the …