With successful charity events already on her résumé, this 11-year-old superstar fundraiser proves youth are the leaders of today.
One of Noémie’s earliest fundraising efforts took form in a short play. For the cost of a dollar, neighbours and family members gained entrance to an original performance by her and a friend. By the end of their show’s run, the girls had collected $20 to donate to their charity of choice, the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO).
In that small donation, Noémie drew back the curtains on the world as she knew it and peered the appropriate time to start volunteering: right now.
It started with a broken chin and a visit to the emergency room at CHEO not long before. While there, she befriended other kids her age—kids who had been in and out due to illness.
Although Noémie was more familiar with the hospital than the average person (her mother works there …