MENIFEE (AP) — The owner of a Southern California liquor store says he feels blessed for selling the winning Powerball ticket and does not know which of his customers won the jackpot.
Owner Matthew Alberre said Sunday he has not received much information about the bonus the store will receive and doesn’t know what his family will do with the $1 million that officials have said is set aside for the store that sold the winning ticket.
This isn’t the only jackpot sold at Marietta Liquor & Deli. They also sold a $1 million scratcher and a $9 million Super Lotto ticket in 1996.
Lines were longer than usual for a Sunday as people were buying tickets for the next drawing hoping to build off the store’s luck from Saturday night.
Alberre says he and his father own the store in Sun City, originally developed as a retirement community and now part of the …