That was nearly 12 years ago.
At the time, she was 17 years old, and she was playing a numbers game that didn’t add up. Four years in the foster care system. Seven different homes. And the scariest number of all: 18. That was the birthday on which she would officially age out of the foster care system — and though it was deeply flawed, it was the only system she knew.
It didn’t help that state statistics painted a bleak picture: Nearly a third of foster care children would become homeless within the first year after aging out. Fifty percent would become unemployed. Fewer than 20 percent would enroll in college — and only about 3 percent would graduate. If she looked sad, she had good reason.
These days, Daniels is playing a different numbers game: two college degrees, three jobs, 67,000 words for a novel she’s working on. And …