When temperatures in Texas hit 32 degrees celsius, police came to the aid of a 95-year-old resident who was sweltering in the heat.
Julius Hatley sat in the shade of his porch every day to keep cool, and would continue working in his garden despite the high temperature.
He called 911 to report his broken air conditioner, and two officers from Fort Worth police department paid him a visit after carrying out a couple of more high priority calls.
Officers William Margolis and Christopher Weir found Mr Hatley’s central air conditioning and window unit were indeed out of action.
“When we got there around 8.30 am his house was 85 to 90 degrees already,” Mr Margolis told CBS. “In Texas, it gets hot.”
The officers then went to Home Depot and asked staff to find them a good air conditioning unit. 
After hearing Mr Hatley’s plight, staff and managers were so touched that they pitched in their own …