WESLACO, Texas (KXAN) — When a DPS trooper pulled over a driver who sped through a red light, he didn’t realize he was going to end up saving a baby’s life.
On April 13, a trooper was stopped at a red light in Brownsville when he spotted a blue Nissan Versa speeding by him on the left hand side and run a red light on State Highway 4. As the trooper pulled the vehicle over in the center median, a frantic woman immediately jumped out of the driver side and ran towards the trooper.
The trooper asks, “What’s going on?” And within seconds, a man jumps out of the passenger side carrying a baby. He hands the baby over to the trooper and the two explain that the 8-month-old girl was choking.
The trooper immediately took action and dislodged the item that was obstructing her airway. Within a minute, you can hear the …