This student worked through the night to help residents of Grenfell Tower, before going to college to sit an A-level exam.
Rory Walsh, who lives nearby, woke in the early hours after the block in west London was destroyed by fire.
He worked at Maxilla Social Club, helping families affected find shelter. He went back after his English exam to volunteer again.
“I wasn’t going to go to the exam but I thought I might as well,” he said.
“I was here from two until eight,” the 18-year-old explained.
“And then my exam was at Twickenham so I had to journey over there – I got there a little late – and sit it.
“I got extra time but I didn’t use it, I just came straight back to help out.
“I wasn’t going to go to the exam this morning but I thought I might as well and now we have just been running back and …