Tablecloths were laid out along a street as the local Muslim community came together to host a meal for those affected by the Grenfell Tower tragedy.
Many people who live in the area surrounding the tower are Muslim and volunteers from the charity Penny Appeal decided to cater for those who are observing Ramadan, although anyone was welcome to join in.
At sunset people broke their fast for the Iftar meal and were offered water, fizzy drinks, bread and fruit to sustain them as the aid effort continued around them.
The impromtu meal was praised by Twitter users, with one pointing out: “That’s the Muslim attitude”.
It was another example of volunteers coming together to help those affected by the fire.
Hundreds of people have donated clothes and food, and fundraising initiatives have so far raised over £3m.
Zia Salik, head of fundraising at the charity Islamic Relief, told The Independent that his team and other volunteers worked day …