Gadebusch, Germany.
This little swan family trotted last Wednesday afternoon between the federal highway B104 near the Towns of Gadebusch and Lützow.
The police in Gadebusch was informed on same day, that something happened on that highway and that there were birds. The officers discovered this family on a cycle path alongside the B 104.
The parents had two small and young therefore still flightless chicks in their tow. As there was really no water in the surrounding area and the young swans were obviously exhausted, the police decided to act.
Quickly, support was organized by the nearby volunteer fire brigade from Lützow. With the help of the comrades the small swans and one parental animal could be brought to a nearby sea in the small town of Pokrent.
The second swan flew off, but later found its way back to his family. The policemen convinced themselves on Thursday morning, when they made a visit …