After his Marine enlistment in 1967, Wynn, 68, worked for 41 years in Napa County law enforcement, first as a sheriff’s deputy, then as chief investigator with the District Attorney’s office. As a Marine, he received three Purple Hearts, and was nominated for the Congressional Medal of Honor, he said.
Krueger, 69, joined the Marines as a 17-year-old and served 13 months in Vietnam. Often a patrol point man, he was wounded twice, he said. In civilian life, he worked for 20 years as a law enforcement officer in Marin County while running a San Francisco construction company. He and his wife Cathy live in Napa County where they have a small vineyard.
Wynn noted that he and Krueger served in an unpopular war, with returning veterans often treated coldly, without appreciation. “We’re going to make sure these youngsters coming home from (today’s) wars and all future wars don’t suffer the societal …