MARAWI CITY — Among the many stories of generosity and kindness at a hospital here, one stood out because it involved what could be a most personal donation—blood.
A doctor and staffer at Amai Pakpak Medical Center (APMC), where many of the wounded in the ongoing war in the city were being brought, donated their own blood to save a woman who was plucked out of the war zone barely alive.
Geraldine Mangotara, 38, was unconscious when she was wheeled into APMC on Tuesday.
Her wounds were already infected and had caused sepsis, a condition in which the blood is being poisoned by toxins from the infection.
“The patient was in shock,” said Dr. Hassan Mangorsi, resident surgeon.
Geraldine had a wound on the right leg which had been put in a cast after doctors thought it was fractured.
Mangorsi said Geraldine’s wounds were severely infected because they were already 20 days old. Two of the …