For most people, brushing their teeth may seem like a fairly mundane task. For those with mobility issues, however, brushing their teeth may be exceedingly difficult or even impossible.
Biomedical engineering majors Michael Collier, Mary Farrow, Mikayla Padgitt and Skylar Rountree aimed to fix that with their engineering capstone project.
The students’ project, an “Unassisted Oral Cleaning Device,” is an automatic toothbrush that is connected to two motors. One rotates the toothbrush to the left and right, while the other turns the toothbrush 90 degrees to clean the sides and front of the user’s teeth. The user can activate the device by leaning forward to put their mouth around the toothbrush. The user’s shadow activates a light sensor that triggers the brushing process to begin.
Ping He, professor of biomedical engineering, advised the students with the project, which took place over two courses during the fall and spring semesters.
The idea came from Padgitt’s …