As a child growing up in KwaZulu Natal he had always loved books. But after moving to Johannesburg to find work, he started taking drugs.
“I left my job and couldn’t afford rent anymore – I lost everything. While living on the streets I noticed how many beggars there were getting money for nothing on street corners. I thought I could be different and actually give people something worthwhile – like a book or book review – in exchange for money.”
So he started selling books on the streets – but only after he had read them and could offer passers by a detailed review.
He’d even adjust the price depending on how he rated each book – from 10 South African Rand (less than US $1) for those he didn’t enjoy, up to 80 Rand (US $6) for his favourites.  He soon became known as the ‘Pavement Bookworm’ and his small business …