Eating out can be a stressful experience when you’re cripplingly indecisive.
You can’t make up your mind about starters. You don’t know what to have for main. And pudding is just one big stress-fest.
A blue gin train is coming to London
Whatever you order ends up with food envy and regret.
But there’s one restaurant in Japan where that won’t be an issue because the likelihood is that you won’t receive what you ordered anyway – so you won’t need to blame yourself if you choose something less delicious-sounding.
The Restaurant of Order Mistakes has just opened in Tokyo and it only hires waiters with dementia.
The pop-up’s premise is that the staff may get your order wrong but if you go there knowing that from the start, you won’t dwell on it too much – and it might change your perception about those suffering from the illness.
It also hopes to show people that …