Jewish nurse won hearts around the world after she was pictured breastfeeding Palestinian boy whose mother was wounded in car crash.
On June 2, a Palestinian family of three crashed into a bus in the West Bank, killing the father and critically injuring the mother, according to Today .
Along with his mother, 9-month-old baby boy Yamen was brought to the Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center’s emergency room in Jerusalem. He only experienced minor injuries, but he was growing hungry fast. According to his aunts, the child was breastfed by his mother and was refusing to take milk by the bottle.
Yamen’s aunts spoke to nurse Ola Ostrowski-Zak, asking if she knew anyone who could breastfeed the child. As it turns out, Ostrowski-Zak is a mother herself of an 18-month-old son. She offered to breastfeed Yamen, who quickly relaxed. According to Ostrowski-Zak, the baby’s aunts praised her, saying that they never expected …