On weekends, Anne Las fills her backpack and shopping bags with homemade sandwiches and cookies and granola bars and juice.
She then walks to Place Émilie-Gamelin and distributes them to people who are homeless and hungry. She’s gone often enough that people wait for her arrival.
“It’s to give back to the community,” Las told CBC’s Homerun.
“Being homeless is terrible,” she said. “I mean people ignore you, because they [think] ‘oh you’re just homeless, you’re lazy, you’re dumb.'”
It’s a story Las knows all too well.
Like many before her, Las came to Montreal in 2014 through a sponsor who wanted to employ her as a full-time live in caretaker.
When she arrived, the agency responsible for her placement told her that they had received a letter from the employer stating they were no longer able to hire her.
“I was expecting to move here to have a better life. But I had nothing,” said Las with tears in her eyes.
She was eventually …