POLK CO., GA – Six inmates are being praised after they helped save an officer who passed out during a work detail by calling 911.
On Monday, June 12, an officer who was working security for the Polk County Sheriff’s Office work detail passed out. That morning the humidity was at 100% and it was 76 degrees outside.
The officer, who asked not to be identified, collapsed. 
Six of the inmates who were there jumped into action. They opened his shirt and removed the officer’s bulletproof vest so that they could perform CPR.  One inmate grabbed the officer’s phone and dialed 911. 
One of the inmates said the officer was unconscious for a minute and wasn’t really breathing. “When he started breathing, it was just real heavy and real fast,” said Greg Williams.
EMS eventually arrived to the scene and provided assistance, but the Polk County Sheriff’s Office is applauding the inmates’ quick actions.
“They really …