1705018_, ASPCA rescue dog Blue is trained by Victoria Wells (left) and Jennifer Gerrity, ASPA, NY, NY, For Sunday, Credit J.C. RICE

This dog is hard of hearing, but easy to love.
A deaf 4-year-old pit bull rescue named Blue has learned to “sit” and “come” just like any other pup — through specialized doggie-tailored sign language.
The light gray pup began three months of the unique training at the ASPCA’s CARE rehab center on Feb. 3, two days after cops discovered her chained to a fence, abandoned and freezing, on West 170th Street in Washington Heights.
As she was being treated for an infection, her handlers began to notice she was different.
“At first we thought she was just scared and confused,” said Victoria Wells, the senior manager of behavior at the ASPCA rescue center. “But then we noticed whenever someone opened Blue’s kennel, she’d sleep right through all the commotion.”
Wells snapped her fingers by Blue’s ears and dropped a heavy object behind her. She didn’t flinch.
“Any dog with a good sense of hearing would …