Rhein am Weil, near Freiburg, Germany.
An escaped pot-bellied pig gave police an unexpected action on this Tuesday morning in Weil am Rhein. Shortly after 8.30 pm a car driver reported over an emergency call, that in Bühlstraße a pig mother played near and also on that street. The Car Driver drove near a front yard and watched it.
A patrol drove on spot and found this cheerful grunting pot-bellied pig in the front yard. The attempt was made to capture the 50 kg heavy, but playing animal. She did not really liked the police at all, and she fled further into some other front porches. With the aid of local residents, luckily the owner of her could be found.
It turned out that this Japanese pot-bellied pig “Emma” (currently 9 months old) was hatched out of her stable in the Bühlstraße and made a discovery tour and some food search. But, …