A number of Grenfell Tower families are to be housed in a £2bn luxury development, which boasts a private cinema and swimming pool.
Brand-new flats in a Kensington High Street development have been bought for those who lost their homes in the blaze, according to the Evening Standard.
The private flats in the block start at £1.5m, however the apartments that will rehouse the families are part of the 120 affordable homes being built alongside them.
Penthouses in the development are expected to go for £13m, and flats in the building are expected to be purchased to permanently house Grenfell families.
The City of London Corporation is acquiring the 68 flats for around £10m as part of the response to the tragedy. A spokesman told the Evening Standard: “We are ready to do everything we can to help the victims of the terrible fire at Grenfell Tower.”
A spokesman for the Berkeley Group, which is building the development under the …